Graphic Designers Keeping Multiple Design Portfolios is a thing ,here is why !

Graphic-Designer-Multiple-portfoliosBefore I talk about Graphic Designers Keeping Multiple Design Portfolios I want to address a daunting issue about Portfolios. For the sake of heavens Every Time people ask for a CV from graphics designer , makes me cringe .


I mean common people you must understand one thing that graphic designer have Portfolios not CV’s

In case you are looking for a guy who would do accounting and taxes for you on side of doing graphic design work as well than you are welcome to seek CV’S of such monsters, otherwise please ask for a portfolio from a designer.

Having this confusing thing out of the way let’s talk about a real asset apart from his graphic design skills. The Portfolio !

Portfolios are very important and every designer must maintain one there are lots of options to maintain your stunning Portfolios .

Most commonly used ways are

  • Behance
  • Dribbble
  • Your personal website
  • Offline Printed workbooks
  • Facebook Page
  • Instagram Page

There are tons of many more ways to get you beautiful work featured and organized as a portfolio.

The thing you should look for is the mobility , how fast , efficient and appropriate it is to present your portfolio to the client ?

Then there is a question,

How about Multiple Portfolios?

I am not talking about having  your same portfolio at different websites or services.

I am talking about separate Portfolios for separate levels of design work you do.

Think it this way .

  • Are your all projects are of same level?
  • Are they have similar kind of budget?
  • Do Your Graphic design projects belong to same level of quality?

Answer to all these questions must be NO !

Then why you have a same Portfolio for Your different kind of projects?

A client with $500 logo design budget get to see your work that you have done for a client with $2000 budget . doesn’t make sense at all …

Let’s be honest and straightforward , you will spend lot more time on high level projects and lesser time on low level projects.

When you don’t Treat all your projects same ,then why all of those go in to the same portfolio?

Here comes the need of maintaining different level of Portfolios based on following criteria :

  1. Budget of the projects.
  2. Amount of time spent .
  3. Complexity of the work.

Which Portfolio you should present to clients ?

You will find the answer of this question  is 3 point segregation criteria for Portfolios mentioned above . It all comes to your first conversation with the client , you need to be smart and get the info you need from your clients in one way or another .

After you have all the information you need about the project then you should present the relevant portfolio to that client.

Why all this effort of maintaining Multiple Portfolios?

All this effort you are doing by organising different levels of portfolios is to balance the expectations of your clients . I know , I know , you want to design the best possible thing for each of your clients and send them over the moon with gorgeous designs BUT let’s be brutally honest here , On earth being practical is the way of doing things . You need to manage your clients expectations to a certain level only . A client should not expect you to come up with gazillion ideas and pay you 1/10 of the design fee you deserved. Or Your client should not expect the level of detail that comes after weeks of work in matter of days only .
That is why show them ONLY WHAT THEY NEED TO SEE ! nothing more …




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