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Lets Start, OK I have a question for you guys right away..

How much a Polar bear Weighs ?
Well…Enough to Break the Ice 🙂

This is me M.Aswad Mehtab myself reporting on my personal Blog, I am a Branding Expert , Print and Website Designer. This First Post on my Blog will be all about what I am and how I started in this Design field.

Starting from my education and yeah yeah typical infamous college dropout , but I made sure I have learned most of the things before quitting on formal bookish knowledge system we have here … I tasted Accountancy while my CA studies and soon I came to know that This is going to get me jailed into the prison of Debit and Credit, if I continue to this path .. I learned a great deal about communication and behavioral studies too…

Long story short , I was a creative person and Bookish stuff just bored me like hell.

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I started to do what I love , I started to design , in earlier days I no nothing about design , but I wanted to learn , Google and youtube proved to be the best friends and self learnt everything from Logo design to Presentation designs , video editing and how to use Internet properly to be honest.

I started my Freelance design career on Odesk now Upwork , I got huge success there and done 100+ Projects in First Year alone. Made lots of Awesome Clients .

I started My First Blog back in 2011 . I learned lots of things about blogging and everything about SEO and stuff .
I turned that blog into my design blog later on and got great Direct clients from there as well.

I always keep polishing my skills , I have done tons of work in Branding , Print Design , Packaging and even Website design.

Most I love designing is Arabic Logos and Branding , Arabic Calligraphy is my passion and I am improving my skillset in that area.

This is a super short version of me , I will be updating this space regularly now .
I got dozens of emails about How to start as a designer , How to dbe Good at designing and many more . I will be sharing lots of great resources , My own Design resources and How I design.

Stay Tuned 🙂

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